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Re: A few suggestions

Re: A few suggestions
December 12, 2009, 06:17:10 PM
Quote from: madhatter2 on December 12, 2009, 06:34:21 AM
I almost have the svn 0.2 compiling on Mac OS X 10.4.11/Intel (I also have a PPC970 machine here as well so a PPC build would be possible as well). The windowing is native carbon too via wxwidgets! It is FAST! Wink I had to create a new makefile (makefile.osx; based on makefile.unix of course.. given any thought to using autoconf?) and put some ifdef's into header.h. I have patches. I will keep toying around. I might try it on FreeBSD next.

Mac support would be nice.  wxWidgets really pays off for cross platform.

Please don't try PPC.  PPC is big-endian and Bitcoin is little-endian, there would be endless endian bugs making it harder for me to debug the network if there's a potentially byte-swapping node out there.  PPC is on its way out anyway.

Considered autoconf.  Autoconf is a necessity for large projects with a quagmire makefile, but I think we're small enough that it's more optimal without it.  I'd rather keep the makefile simple as long as possible.

I think that breaking bitcoin into two apps is ideal. A wxwidgets front end (since it is mostly all there) and a backend that binds to a control TCP socket. I have been reading over the source to see how hard it would be to break it apart and I think it should be fairly simple. Of course an API would have to be developed.

My head hurts just thinking about that.  Funnelling all the UI backend through a TCP connection would make everything twice as hard.  There's too much bandwidth between the UI and the internal data structures in order to keep the listview control updated, because of the way the listview control works.

I'd rather have command line control, that would get us remote admin and batch automation.