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Re: [p2p-research] Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 02:31:20 +0000
From: Satoshi Nakamoto <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: [p2p-research] Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P

Martien van Steenbergen wrote:
 > Would love to also see support for not having to supply and
 > managing  money. Would make it easier and cheaper to maintain
 > and results in have sufficient money, always and everywhere.
 > No scarcity, no abundance, exactly the right amount all times,
 > self-organizing.

That's do-able.  It can be programmed to follow any set of rules.

I see Bitcoin as a foundation and first step if you want to implement 
programmable P2P social currencies like Marc's ideas and others 
discussed here.  First you need normal, basic P2P currency working. 
Once that is established and proven out, dynamic smart money is an easy 
next step.

I love the idea of virtual, non-geographic communities experimenting 
with new economic paradigms.

> Reminds me of:
>     * AardRock » Wizard Rabbit Treasurer
>       <>; and
>     * AardRock » Pekunio <>

Indeed, it is much like Pekunio in the concept of spraying redundant 
copies of every transaction to a number of peers on the network, but the 
implementation is not a reputation network like Wizard Rabbit Treasurer. 
  In fact, Bitcoin does not use reputation at all.  It sees the network 
as just a big crowd and doesn't much care who it talks to or who tells 
it something, as long as at least one of them relays the information 
being broadcast around the network.  It doesn't care because there's no 
way to lie to it.  Either you tell it crypto proof of something, or it 
ignores you.

> Are you familiar with Ripple?

As trust systems go, Ripple is unique in spreading trust around rather 
than concentrating it.

> Is bitcoin also available as a protocol spec (facilitating differen 
> language bindings and implementations; unite on specs, compete on 
> implementation).

It would be best to refer to the C++ source code.  I plan to implement 
interfaces for using the software to send and receive transactions from 
any language, so server side code can easily use it for web based 
e-commerce sites.


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