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Re: A few suggestions

Re: A few suggestions
December 11, 2009, 07:27:55 PM

Right, the SVN has the almost-release-candidate 0.2 source, which can also be built and run on Linux.   It hasn't been tested on FreeBSD.

Quote from: madhatter2 on December 11, 2009, 04:59:19 AM
If we can get to the point where we have a working backend process that will run on FreeBSD I can run always-on seeds.

That would be a big help.  TOR users wouldn't have to worry about how to get seeded, and we wouldn't depend on IRC.

It can be run in a few simple modes without access to the UI if you don't mind a minimized window on the desktop.  (0.1.5 doesn't have -min so it would be an open window)

To only run a seed:
bitcoin -min -gen=0

You could sort of monitor it by looking at debug.log.  To stop it, kill the process, the database won't mind.

To generate:
bitcoin -min -gen

To get the generated bitcoins, you'd have to copy wallet.dat (with version 0.2) to a machine with a UI, swap in the wallet.dat, run bitcoin and transfer the coins to your main account.  (With version 0.1.5 you'd have to copy the whole "%appdata%/Bitcoin" directory.)  There is one caveat about copying wallet.dat: if you happened to kill the program at the exact moment that it generated a coin or received a payment, wallet.dat might not work by itself and you'd have to copy the whole directory.

I really think that having the download package contain a daily seed snapshot will improve the bootstrapping. I have seen instances on new test installs here where the application will sit with 0 connections / 1 block. Upon inspecting the debug.log I find that the IRC server (freenode, I believe) claims I am already connected and refuses to let me seed the application. (Just an example).

I see, that would happen with multiple nodes using the same NAT or VPN or some ISP that funnels everyone through a few proxy servers.  I just committed a fix to SVN for this.  If it gets "433" name already in use (it was error 433, right?), it'll retry with a non-address random username.  

In any event, I would like to help. I have a lot of time and a project like this one is very exciting.

That's great, any help is really appreciated!</div>