How does accepting Bitcoin Cash benefit my business?

Table of Contents

  1. Better for your business
  2. Better for your customers

Better for your business

  • Lower fees: BCH transactions cost less than a cent meaning you keep more of the money you earn from customers. This contrasts credit card payments which can be subject to processing fees of up to 3%.
  • Immediate payments: You’ll typically receive BCH payments a few seconds after your customer sends it. That’s because transactions don’t get slowed down by traditional payment processors.
  • No chargebacks: Since BCH transactions are permanent, chargebacks become impossible. Instead, you can refund customers at your own discretion.
  • Future-ready payments: Accepting BCH gives your business the chance to evolve for the future of payments and tap into an upcoming customer base: people specifically looking to spend their BCH.

Better for your customers

  • No fraud risk: BCH payments give customers an alternative to using credit cards that carry a risk of identity theft. With BCH, your customers’ transactions are always legitimate because only they can make payments from their digital wallet.
  • Faster transactions: Since payments don’t go through banks, there’s no delay or failed transactions. Instead, BCH is paid directly from the customer’s digital wallet with the transaction completing in a few seconds.
  • More options: Accepting BCH provides your customers with more payment options, giving them the freedom to choose how they pay for your goods and services.
  • Fairer payments: Particularly for countries prone to volatile currency fluctuations, BCH offers your customers a fairer way to pay. They pay the same price as everyone else and can also avoid bank fees for international purchases.

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