How does accepting Bitcoin Cash benefit my business?

Table of Contents

  1. Better for your business
  2. Better for your customers

Better for your business

  • Lower fees: BCH transactions cost less than a cent and there's no third party to take a cut. This contrasts with credit card payments where processing fees of up to 3% are the norm.
  • Immediate settlement: Rather than wait the 1-3 days it takes to settle credit card payments, you’ll receive payments made in BCH seconds after your customers send them. You can send and receive Bitcoin Cash from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.
  • No chargebacks: Since BCH transactions are permanent, chargebacks are impossible. Instead, you can refund customers at your own discretion.
  • Free marketing and exposure: People who use Bitcoin Cash are always interested in places to spend it. Submit your listing for free at and tap into this rising customer base.

Better for your customers

  • No fraud risk: When paying for services via credit card or other standard methods, personal information is taken, including names and billing addresses. This can leave customers open to fraud, such as identity theft. BCH payments aren't connected to identity so they don't carry this risk.
  • Faster transactions: Since payments don’t go through banks, there are no delays or failed transactions. Instead, BCH is paid directly from the customer’s digital wallet, with the transaction completing in a few seconds.
  • More options: Accepting BCH provides your customers with more payment options, giving them the freedom to choose how they pay for your goods and services.

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