How to use bitcoin cash

From creating a Bitcoin Cash wallet to sending, receiving, spending and more: This is your complete guide for how to use Bitcoin Cash.

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  1. Creating a Bitcoin Cash wallet
  2. Buying and selling bitcoin cash
  3. Sending bitcoin cash
  4. Receiving bitcoin cash
  5. Using bitcoin cash for online shopping
  6. Spending bitcoin cash in store
  7. Bitcoin Cash debit cards
  8. Accepting bitcoin cash
  9. The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Creating a Bitcoin Cash wallet

A Bitcoin Cash wallet is a tool for interacting directly with the Bitcoin Cash network. It's different from a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, which holds bitcoin cash on your behalf, providing you with merely an IOU.

The best Bitcoin Cash wallets allow you to buy, sell, send, receive, store, and trade bitcoin cash - and, in many cases, other cryptocurrencies as well.

Get the Wallet app: the easy-to-use Bitcoin Cash wallet trusted by millions.

Read more: Understand the pros & cons of each Bitcoin Cash wallet type with this comprehensive guide.

Buying and selling bitcoin cash

There are a variety of ways to buy and sell bitcoin cash. These include:

Apps like the Wallet.

Websites like Buy Bitcoin.

Peer-to-peer services like Local.

Read more: Learn about the options for buying & selling bitcoin cash - and their pros & cons.

Sending bitcoin cash

Sending bitcoin cash is as easy as choosing the amount and deciding where it goes. Transactions cost less than a penny and are settled almost instantly.

Send bitcoin cash anytime, anywhere with the Wallet app.

Read more: Check out our complete guide to safely and securely sending bitcoin cash.

Receiving bitcoin cash

Receiving bitcoin cash is a simple matter of providing the sender with your Bitcoin Cash address.

Read more: Learn how to receive bitcoin cash securely.

Using bitcoin cash for online shopping

A growing number of online merchants accept bitcoin cash.

These can be found by browsing through sites like At, you can use Bitcoin Cash to save up to 15% on Amazon, and with Menufy, you can use Bitcoin Cash to pay when you order food online from a huge variety of restaurants in the US.

With the Wallet, you can buy gift cards that are valid at over 300 online and physical retailers. The gift cards also offer a variety of discounts. You can also pay with bitcoin cash anywhere Bitpay is accepted. Here's Bitpay's global directory.

Spending bitcoin cash in store

Bitcoin Cash adoption is growing around the world everyday. Check out this map to find merchants accepting bitcoin cash near you!

Bitcoin Cash debit cards

Bitcoin cash debit cards make it possible to spend your bitcoin cash anywhere credit cards are accepted.

Read more: Find out about the different types of Bitcoin Cash debit cards and how they work.

Accepting bitcoin cash

It's easy to start accepting bitcoin cash at your business - whether online or in-store - and there are several benefits of doing so. These are:

  • Ultra low fees. The network fee for a typical Bitcoin Cash transaction is typically less than one penny.
  • No chargebacks. Unlike credit cards, there are never voids, refunds, chargebacks, or fraudulent charges.
  • Instant settlement. Bitcoin Cash payments are received in seconds - ready for you to save, spend, or convert into your local currency.
  • Free marketing. By accepting bitcoin cash, merchants can gain free listings in directories and are frequented by the burgeoning global community of cryptocurrency users.
  • Map Listings. Get listed on

Visit our Merchant Solutions page to learn more.

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Thanks to its low transaction fees and fast confirmation times, there are a growing number of use cases for Bitcoin Cash. These range from games that integrate bitcoin cash payments, to social networks and publishing platforms that allow you to tip using bitcoin cash. Browse our curated list of Bitcoin Cash projects.

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