Where can I get support for an app idea?

Table of Contents

  1. As a developer
  2. As an individual or business

As a developer

As an individual or business

  • If you’ve got an app idea but you’re not a developer, reaching out to the developer community is the best place to start.
  • Summarize your project in one or all of the community groups: CashDev Discord, BCH Dev & Builders Telegram, Badger Wallet Telegram, and SLP Telegram.
  • Developers who are interested in taking part will then reach out to you.
  • If nobody reaches out to you, you can try placing a Bounty for assistance. For instance, GitCash.io lets you tip BCH to developers who resolve issues or add new features to your project.
  • Alternatively, you can try hiring a developer who has previous experience with BCH or SLP token projects. Reach out to them directly to discuss your project and rates.

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