Sending bitcoin cash

Sending bitcoin cash is a simple matter of choosing the amount to send and deciding where it goes.

The exact procedure depends on the Bitcoin Cash wallet you're using and where you're sending your bitcoin cash.

In most cases, you need to know the 'address' of the recipient. A Bitcoin Cash address is an alphanumeric string that looks something like this:


An address can also be displayed as a QR code. For example:

Bitcoin Cash QR code

To send bitcoin cash, you indicate the address you want to send to and enter the amount you'd like to send.

Let's look at an example of sending bitcoin cash with the Wallet:

The steps are:

  1. Start by tapping the SEND button from the home screen.
  2. Enter the address of the recipient.
  3. Enter the amount to send (in either local currency or bitcoin cash - BCH).
  4. Review the transaction and slide the arrow to confirm.
What's the 'Shareable Link' feature in the Wallet?

This is a feature that allows you to send bitcoin cash without knowing the recipient's Bitcoin Cash address. Instead, you send the recipient a link via any messaging app (email, Whatsapp, SMS, etc.). The recipient just has to click on the link and follow the instructions to receive the payment.

What's the difference between a legacy Bitcoin Cash address and a 'CashAddress' format Bitcoin Cash address?

There are two formats of Bitcoin Cash addresses. The legacy format looks something like this:


And the new format, called 'CashAddress' format, looks like this:


If you plug a legacy Bitcoin Cash address into an address converter like this one, it will tell you the corresponding CashAddress format and generate a QR code as well.

Read more: Learn how to securely receive bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Cash address converter

Note: If you send bitcoin cash to a legacy address' corresponding CashAddress format address, it will be received without issue (and vice versa).



比特币是根据 2008 年《比特币》白皮书中的想法创立的:一套点对点的电子现金系统

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