Tipping platforms

One of the most fun ways to spread and share cryptocurrencies with the world is by using Bitcoin tipping platforms. Micro-tipping is one of the earliest ways Bitcoin users spread adoption on social media, in person, and in chats.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tipping platforms


Tipprbot is one of the most popular Bitcoin Cash tipping services, supporting both Twitter and Reddit. Tipprbot uses a custodial wallet operated by parent company Rocketr, to quickly and easily share BCH with users for high quality posts or tweets.


Chaintip is a completely onchain tipping service for Bitcoin Cash. Supporting Github and Reddit tips. Unclaimed tips can be returned to the giver, ensuring no risk of loss of funds.


Gitcash is a simple service allowing Github users to easily tip users within Github comments and pull-requests. Bounties can also be setup for rewarding developers who complete tasks.

Bitcoin Cash Tips

The Bitcoin.com Tips service allows users to easily create and print bulk paper tips. These tips can also be swept back to the giver if unclaimed after a set period, preventing loss of funds.


This simple to setup services allows Twitch livestreamers to easily accept Bitcoin Cash tips. This platform integrates with Streamlabs OBS and can allow you to trigger animation and sounds upon receipt of BCH tips.

Badger Button

The Badger Button is a quick and easy way for bloggers and website owners to setup a tip or donation button. It integrates seamlessly with the Badger Wallet chrome extension.


The PayButton uses both QR donation addresses alongside Badger Button, helping ensure you can earn tips from Badger wallet users and users with other Bitcoin Cash wallets.


Send a Bitcoin Cash tip directly to someones phone number via SMS, no wallet app installs necessary. Available in over 100 countries, CoinText is spreading adoption to new users daily.


Send Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrency tips using WhatsApp. Interact with their tipping bot to deposit, send, and withdraw BCH.


Sign up to the censorship resistant social media platform built on top of Bitcoin Cash. Memo is similar to Twitter, but entirely on-chain. Tip high quality content using BCH or Bitcoin Cash Tokens.


Telegram Bitcoin Cash tipping bot.

Bitcoin (BTC) tipping platforms


Closed partially due to high fees on BTC network


Closed partially due to high fees on BTC network

Tippin Me (alpha)

Tippin me is a custodial BTC wallet which uses the Lightning Network. Using a browser extension you can open and close lightning channels to transact LBTC between Twitter accounts.