Distributed ID is developing a solution for the authentication, notarization, and validation of digital identities by utilizing the security of Blockchain.

Aiming to solve the problem of secured digital identity, the solution is targeted towards dependability, security, user approval and reduction in identity theft. The elimination of the third party being involved in the identification process would allow for a more robust, safe user experience.

They are helping people identify themselves online without revealing personal information. When someone is faced with KYC and AML compliance from institutions online, they could be identified with unconventional means such as how they use their phone i.e. method of use, what part of the screen they touch more often etc.

Duncan suggests that the anonymity mask of the internet is one of the things keeping it running. Nobody would want to tell strangers more than what they need to know, keeping that in mind this is going to become more of a necessity in the near future, so it’s better to start out early, while you are ahead because a mask is there not to hide who you are but to create what you are.

Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs is a serial entrepreneur and author of “Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach”.
Richard currently runs Speakeasy Marketing Inc, a marketing firm that provides done-for-you marketing for attorneys nationwide.
Richard is also a cryptocurrency and bitcoin enthusiast, and is now running bitcoin.com’s podcast.