– Providing AML / KYC Compliance Plans for Bitcoin Companies
March 6, 2017
Jeremy Gardner – Augur Founder & BlochainEDU Creator Shares His Successful Journey
March 16, 2017

Convert Your Cryptocurrency Into Most Other Cryptocurrencies In Minutes With ShapeShift.IO

Exchanging 20 Million Dollars in January 2017 and growing, ShapeShift is the leading digital asset exchange on the internet. Whether you want to convert your bitcoin to Dash, your ethereum to monero, or make other, more arcane exchanges, shapeshift allows you to do it quickly and nearly anonymously. Users are not required to register with shapeshift, preventing accounts from becoming hackable, and keeping exchangers more anonymous.

Erik Vorhees, CEO of, explains that although the transaction limits are set on every transaction, 90% or more of desired transactions can take place without any issue. ShapeShift is changing how digital currency exchange works, making it faster, secure and easier for users. From start to finish you can change currencies literally in 1-3 minutes.

Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs is a serial entrepreneur and author of “Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach”.
Richard currently runs Speakeasy Marketing Inc, a marketing firm that provides done-for-you marketing for attorneys nationwide.
Richard is also a cryptocurrency and bitcoin enthusiast, and is now running’s podcast.