Every coder has a signature: an individual way they code. When Colin Cantrell went to build his own alt coin cryptocurrency inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, he went deep into Bitcoin’s code and learned exactly how it worked… and how to improve it. He was able to learn from Satoshi’s signature style, and incorporate the strength’s of Satoshi’s innovation into his new cryptocurrency: Nexus.

Nexus Coin improves on several areas of Bitcoin’s protocol, for instance: the socket-level backend, Colin says: “Bitcoin basically is a single thread handling all the data commissions… connections, disconnections, time-outs, accepts, new connections – are all on one thread. Yes, it works to a point, but it’s not balanced as well as it could be.” Cantrell goes further to explain why the Bitcoin network often moves slowly.

Colin also discusses the Bitcoin block size debate, and suggests several solutions. He’s a mad genius programmer, so whether you love Bitcoin or think other platforms and other blockchains are coming on strong, you’ll learn a lot from listening.

Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs is a serial entrepreneur and author of “Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach”.
Richard currently runs Speakeasy Marketing Inc, a marketing firm that provides done-for-you marketing for attorneys nationwide.
Richard is also a cryptocurrency and bitcoin enthusiast, and is now running bitcoin.com’s podcast.