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The Effects of Censorship and Propaganda Upon Bitcoin

Bitcoin Investor and Bitcoin.com CEO, Roger Ver illustrates how social-conditioning, censorship, and propaganda prevented Bitcoin (BTC) from scaling.

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After a brief introduction about his background as the first person in the world to invest in Bitcoin companies and his current work spreading Bitcoin (BCH) to the masses, Ver shows a video of an interesting social experiment designed to measure the effects of social conditioning on random test subject. The test shows how human beings are social creatures and are thus easily influenced, through no fault of their own, by what other humans do in response to what is happening around them and that individuals opinions and actions can be easily influenced by what other people say and do when presented with certain kinds of information.

Ver then goes on to show a video exchange between two Lightning Network supporters who seemingly lack a basic understand of the Lightning Network and yet continue to push it on their followers and dismiss anyone who asks questions about or is interested in seeking alternatives to the Lightning Network. This, Ver explains, is yet another example of how propaganda is unwittingly pushed on people by those who themselves are victims of propaganda and censorship.

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