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Can I Shop, Travel, or Gamble with Bitcoin?

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As Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other digital currencies gain mainstream appeal, merchants and individuals are flocking to cryptocurrencies due to convenience, cost and security. Keep reading to see where you can spend your Bitcoin online for goods and services all around the world.

Electronics, Software, and Gear

There are loads of big name online retailers that accept Bitcoin who offer a broad range of products. For instance, many hundreds of merchants have signed up for BitPay, where anyone can spend their Bitcoin Cash on electronics, software and other gear with Microsoft, Newegg, Overstock, and Dell. Other well known online merchants that accept bitcoin include Tigerdirect, the Dish Network, and NameCheap. Another great place to fill your bitcoin desires is the Store which offers cryptocurrency-centric swag like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, artwork, hardware wallets and more.

Gift Cards

There also options to purchase gift cards with bitcoin for hundreds of restaurants and stores worldwide. Companies like Gyft and Egifter offer a large assortment of gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Whole Foods, Foot Locker, Starbucks, and so much more. In addition, Bitcoin wallet company iPayYou has an array of options where you can purchase e-gift cards to use at places such as Amazon, eBay, Starbuks, Uber, iTunes, and others.

Flights and Travel Amenities

Alongside the wide variety of online shops, Bitcoin Cash can be used for travel expenses as well. The largest online travel agency in the world Expedia accepts BCH for its travel booking services, which is powered by Coinbase Commerce. Other big travel agencies that accept Bitcoin are and Additionally, a few airlines accept the digital currency as well including Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, the Latvian airline AirBaltic, Air Lituanica and Japan’s Peach Aviation. If you’re in Japan and looking for even more options, go to to see how they use Bitcoin and find a map of Japanese merchants that are accepting Bitcoin now as cash.

Attention merchants: If you’re looking for payment gateways to help get you started accepting Bitcoin today, see our merchant solutions page for details on gateways and point of sale systems.


One particular company that offers 10-20 percent discounts towards purchases on the online e-commerce giant Amazon’s website is The startup allows anyone to buy items off of Amazon using Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and gives the user a discount. Also, is a web portal that enables you to earn cash back, bringing you great shopping deals and rewards using Bitcoin Cash. Specifically for Australians, the company Living Room of Satoshi is offering anyone that pays their bills using their service points for money spent which can be redeemed for gifts, gadgets or even cash.

Bitcoin Casino launched its games portal last year, which hosts provably fair gaming for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who like to play for high stakes recreation. Playing games on our site requires no registration, and using our platform is completely anonymous. Games are always provably fair, and there is a 99 percent expected return while playing any of the optional activities. Games included at are video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots, and dice. Do you love Satoshi like we do? Then you can also check out, which has Bitcoin Cash games!

There are plenty of merchants that accept bitcoin worldwide and the list continues to grow every day. As the digital currency grows more valuable and popular, the amount of shops that accept the cryptocurrency is sure to rise.

Other places to spend your cash

Did you think we were done? No, there are a lot more places to spend your Bitcoin cash. With digital money, it’s easy to spend it as an electronic currency that is fast, cheap and easy to use! Don’t forget though, a good practice after spending is to replace (or recycle) so you have more for later usage. Some other great places to spend your Bitcoin is on the OpenBazaar marketplace that allows anyone to buy and sell freely. Kawaii Crypto is great to pick up some cool stickers, and Cryptartica has a variety of swag for the enthusiasts out there. For even more options, check out the Accept Bitcoin Cash Initiative, which is a curated list of merchants that accept Bitcoin.

Merchant Directory

Need a visualization of where nearby merchants accept Bitcoin? Use this interactive map to help you discover even more places to spend Bitcoin!

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