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Roger Ver on the Economic Code of Bitcoin

Read an important announcement about Bitcoin from Bitcoin.com

Does Economic Misunderstanding Harm Bitcoin?

Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver recently shared a video presentation that outlines several fundamental economic misunderstandings of the Bitcoin Core/Blockstream team.

According to Ver, these misunderstandings, coupled with Core’s disregard for the Bitcoin whitepaper‘s vision of Bitcoin-as-electronic-cash, have lead the Bitcoin Core/Blockstream team to make errors which prevent the network from properly scaling. Moreover, these failures have directly resulted in the current slow transaction speed and high fees for Bitcoin Core.

Based on the recent emergence and overwhelming market support of Bitcoin Cash, however, Ver decided to update his talk, originally created in March 2017 and given to the Pantera Bitcoin Group, to share with the uncensored Bitcoin subreddit /r/btc.

Watch the full video below:


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