Do many other businesses accept Bitcoin payments?

Note: Since it offers fast, reliable, and low-fee global transactions, we recommend accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments over other digital currencies like Bitcoin Core (BTC). As such, our guides focus specifically on BCH payments for businesses.

In short, yes!

  • Due to its efficiency as a global currency, tens of thousands of businesses are now accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments from their customers.
  • Doing so offers benefits to both you and your customers, such as significantly lower transaction fees and zero fraud risk.

Online businesses

  • From flight tickets and hotel rooms to everyday essentials, several online businesses accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments.
  • For instance,,, and many other websites now let customers purchase their goods and services with BCH.
  • If you’re an online business, you can learn how to start accepting BCH payments on your website here.

Our wallet app merchant map shows businesses around the world that accept BCH payments in-store. This means customers can easily find you!

In-store businesses

  • More than 1,000 restaurants, cafes, and retail stores all around the globe are now accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments in-store.
  • To help customers find your store, the merchant map within our wallet app gives a global view of all businesses accepting BCH.
  • If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you can learn how to start accepting BCH payments from your customers in-store here.

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