Satoshi, Hal Finney, and Roger Ver Hacker Bounty

Help catch the hacker that hacked into Satoshi Nakamoto’s and Roger Ver's email accounts.

Update: Dec 12/23/2014 A recent article was written by click here


An old email account of Roger Ver’s was compromised by a hacker attempting to steal his bitcoins. After the hacker gave up trying to directly hack Roger’s bitcoin wallets, he resorted to extortion, threatening to “ruin his life” as well as his family.

The email account used by Satoshi Nakamoto to launch and promote Bitcoin was also compromised by the same person. He identified himself and bragged to journalists that he had hacked Satoshi.

In a related email, the hacker also claimed to have had the swat team sent to Bitcoin pioneer and quadrapalegic, Hal Finney’s home.


Several years ago, Roger used a hotmail address to register the domain names he now uses for his primary email addresses. When the hack occurred, his hotmail address was still administrative contact for some of these older domain names, and was also linked to a few of his online accounts. The attacker successfully reset the password to Roger’s old hotmail account, and then proceeded to use it to initiate further password resets on Roger’s unused Facebook account, and one of his accounts, which held additional domain names.

After getting into the registrar, they attempted to hijack Roger’s primary email account and domain name. Fortunately by this time, Roger had already called for help, and we immediately start locking everything down, transferring his domains to a different registrar account.

When Roger tweeted a bounty, the hackers got scared and ran away. They deleted Roger’s hotmail account and sent the password for all the other accounts they had reset. They also tried to delete the threat messages they sent to Roger over Skype, but we recovered the original chat.