Bitcoin Bounty Hunter


Bitcoin Bounty Hunter is a service that allows people to anonymously crowd source bounties to complete tasks.

Anyone who is in a position to help fund a task put up by users in the community can donate to the public address of the bounty to help incentivize the public to work to complete the task. If you've got the skills to complete a task, whether that's design, development, tracking criminals, or working with a team to complete the task, you can earn huge amounts of Bitcoin Cash.

Anyone can anonymously contribute bitcoin to the prize pool by donating to the bitcoin address associated with each bounty. Anyone can anonymously collect the bounty.

For bounties assigned to tasks, you must contact the poster of the bounty. If you'd like to remain anonymous please consider using a secure email such as Protonmail to hide your identity. Tasks are determined as complete by the poster of the bounty. For bounties involved in aiding in the arrest of criminals, once there has been a conviction, contact us with with the evidence you submitted to If we agree that you were the earliest person with the evidence leading to the arrest, we will pay you the bounty to the bitcoin address specified in the document.

Yes, anyone may anonymously contribute bitcoin to the bounty pool, anyone may anonymously post a new bounty, and anyone may anonymously claim a bounty.

We allow any bounties, including bounties for design work, video work, writing, development, feature requests, bug fixes, or even for a person who has committed a crime in which there is a victim.

We prohibit any bounties involving violence or harassment. We allow any bounty for a person who has committed a crime in which there is a victim. In the future we hope to implement a trustless, distributed system.

We are currently offering this as a free service to help demonstrate that there are viable, non-governmental ways to help with law enforcement, as well as a simple way to encourage the community to earn Bitcoin Cash while completing much needed tasks to help grow Bitcoin adoption across the world.

For bounties setup for tasks such as design or development, the Bounty poster retains the access to money. By setting up a new wallet specifically for that task and sharing the public address for the wallet, users can help fund tasks and can see that the money is there for the completion of the task. For bounties involving alleged crime, we currently hold the funds in secure bitcoin wallets with individual public addresses for each bounty. In the future we hope to implement a trustless solution in which no individual human being has control of the funds.

Should your task not be completed, you can move the money away from the wallet created for the task. This will update our website showing the bounty has $0 available for its completion. You can also contact us to remove a bounty posted on your behalf. In regards to bounties for alleged crime, if law enforcement makes the arrest on their own, and no one claims the bounty, we will either donate the bitcoin to charity, distribute them proportionally to the other bounties, or possibly donate them to the arresting law enforcement agency.

We are working on developing a trustless solution based on blockchain technology, but for now you should know that this site was created and is managed by Roger Ver, one of the most well known early Bitcoin adopters, and responsible for helping to bootstrap a large part of the Bitcoin ecosystem. He recently donated over $1M USD worth of bitcoin to charity, and would have no reason to defraud any of the participants in the Bitcoin Bounty Hunter program. is a trusted website and aims to grow Bitcoin Cash adoption across the world.

We are no longer accepting new bounties at this time.