Bitcoinica Theft Bounty

Help catch whoever is responsible for the theft of tens of thousands of BTC from Bitcoinica and Zhou Tong

In 2012, Bitcoinica allegedly suffered several security breaches, in which unknown persons allegedly compromised the Bitcoinica system to steal monies held by Bitcoinica. In a public announcement following said breaches, Bitcoinica assured its users, among other things, that: the overwhelming majority of its Bitcoin deposits were not stolen; monies were stolen from Bitcoinica, not from its users; and that all withdrawal requests would continue to be honored. Bitcoinica subsequently set up a claims system by which its users could withdraw their monies. Bitcoinica subsequently stated that it would: (i) verify all claims submitted by its 20 users; (ii) return fifty percent of the verified claims; and (iii) return the remainders on a pro rata 21 basis, based upon the total amount of all verified claims and the remaining monies.