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Get a loan using your Bitcoin and other crypto as collateral. Lend your Bitcoin and crypto to earn interest.



Slow and restricted traditional banking is outdated and doesn't correspond to the modern globalized world. CoinLoan turns things around. Forget about any delays or hidden fees. Borrow, earn interests, exchange your fiat, crypto or stablecoins from any part of the globe β€” all in one place.

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Arch provides seamless loans backed by your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Your collateral is held securely at leading US qualified custodians in cold custody. Arch operates with the utmost dedication to security and compliance as a US regulated lender.

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      What are Bitcoin and Crypto loans?
      Bitcoin loans are, in essence, a type of lending where Bitcoin is used as collateral. Many lenders who accept Bitcoin also accept other cryptocurrencies. It’s important to note that while the information provided here focuses on Bitcoin, it applies to other cryptocurrencies too. The borrower pledges a certain amount of Bitcoin to a lender, and in return, receives a fiat or another type of digital currency loan. If the borrower repays the loan within the agreed terms, they get their Bitcoin back. However, if they default, the lender can sell the Bitcoin collateral to recover the loaned amount.
      Why are Bitcoin and Crypto loans used?
      Bitcoin loans are useful for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the more popular reasons to use these loans:
      1. Liquidity without Selling: One of the primary reasons people use Bitcoin loans is to get liquidity without selling their Bitcoin. For instance, if someone believes Bitcoin's price will rise in the future, they might not want to sell it now. Instead, they can get a loan using Bitcoin as collateral, allowing them access to cash or other assets without giving up potential Bitcoin appreciation.
      2. Tax Implications: Selling Bitcoin could generate a taxable event in many jurisdictions, leading to capital gains tax. By taking a Bitcoin loan instead of selling, one might defer or even avoid these tax implications.
      3. Quick Access to Cash: Bitcoin loans can provide rapid access to cash, especially compared to traditional lending routes, which might have longer processing times.
      4. Minimal Credit Checks: Bitcoin loans are predominantly collateral-based. This means that the borrower's credit history might be less of a consideration, making these loans more accessible for a broader range of people.
      What is a Bitcoin and Crypto Loan Platform?
      A Bitcoin loan platform, sometimes referred to as a crypto lending platform, is an online platform that facilitates Bitcoin or crypto loans. These platforms connect borrowers with lenders and offer tools and systems to make the lending process seamless.
      Here are some of the more common features of these platforms:
      1. Automated Contracts: Most platforms use smart contracts; self-executing contracts where the terms are directly written into code, ensuring the automation and security of the lending process.
      2. Valuation Systems: Given the volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, these platforms often have in-built systems to constantly monitor the value of the pledged crypto. If the value drops significantly, the platform might initiate a margin call, asking the borrower to add more collateral or repay part of the loan.
      3. Diverse Lending Options: Some platforms provide flexibility in loan terms, such as duration, interest rates, and LTV (loan-to-value) ratios.
      4. Security Measures: Ensuring the security of the collateral is paramount. Most platforms use robust security measures, including cold storage, multi-signature wallets, and advanced encryption techniques.